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How to choose the shoes?

How to choose the shoes?

Hiking footwear differs by the difficulty of the tours that we take. There are as many different models of shoes on the store shelfs and in our closets as there are many different activities. There are no common rules for picking the right shoes. However, it is necessary to take enough time to pick the right model and size, because shoes are very important for our safety and our well-being while outdoors. Shoes keep us safe from damages, they give support to our legs and body, they lessen the strain and make every walk or climb much better, easier and lighter.

Low or high?

Before we visit a shoe store we have to decide whether we need high or low shoes. Low hiking shoes are suitable especially for walking on dry and easy terrains, but only if we don’t have problems with our ankles and if we have enough experience in walking on different terrains. Walking with low shoes can be more comfortable, lighter and leisurely. If you can afford it, then the best thing to do is to get both types of shoes. If you don’t want or can’t buy both, then we suggest you to buy the high hiking shoes, because they suit most hikers and climbers. High shoes can be slightly heavier and cumbersome, however, they offer a better support and protection, especially to the ankle, as it is the most exposed part while walking. High shoes are almost indispensable on more difficult terrains, in the mountains, on more serious hiking tours and while mountaineering, where we face scree slopes, wet rocks, etc. 

Instructions for picking the right size:

If you are not sure what shoe size suits you best, follow these guidelines:

  • Draw a straight line, longer than your foot, on a paper
  • Place the paper on a flat surface. Step on the line, so that your heel and the longest toe are aligned with the line
  • Mark the end of the heel and of the longest toe
  • Repeat the first three steps with the other foot.

Measure the length between both marks. Take the longer of the two lengths (the size of your left and right foot is usually a bit different) and use the comparative table to pick the right shoe size.

Size chart for men: 

Size chart for women:

Size chart for children:

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