Paklenica 30.04.2015

4. 5. 2015


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Treking Paklenica 2015 055

This year, I again continuously monitored weather forecast  to make the decision whether to carry out the trekking to national park Paklenica easier. There was a drop of hope so we drove towards Croatia. In early morning hours we came to Mala Paklenica and headed through the canyon to mountain shelter Ivine Vodice. At the beginning of the canyon I was surprised by the amount of water in the river, which was much higher than the years before, when it was almost dry. We had to take off our shoes, climb some parts and we were already on dry land. I was pleasantly surprised by the tidiness of the mountain shelter, which was better than the previous years. We were in a company of Czechs and Hungarians. In morning hours we climbed to the parks highest peak, namely Vaganski vrh peak (1757m). The climb took place in windy conditions with fog. The wind was the reason for shortening our stop on its top before heading towards mountain shelter Struga. When arriving, there was a warning of possible bear encounter and the instructions of actions in case of it.  We continued, hopping the fog will end for having a view over entire Paklenica. Higher forces helped us and fulfil our wish and we could see the kingdom of Anića Kuk mountain in the distance. We came to Ramića Dvori where we were greeted by true Croatia hospitality. The next day we woke up into a rainy day and we quickly changed our plans and decided to visit underground cave Manita Peč. I hoped for the rain to stop (until the beginning of the afternoon) but when we came to the edge of canyon Velika Paklenica the water level was too high to safely cross the river to reach the foot of Anića Kuk mountain. We headed further through the canyon, observing climbers, which insisted in climbing despite wet walls. This was followed by visitation of city Starigrad; we sightsee its heart. Next day we headed home.

Paklenica 30.04.2015
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