Korzika 16.04. – 20.04.2014

21. 4. 2014


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Korzika April 2014 117

April is not the best month for visiting Corsica, but, together with Marko and Brigita, we still decided to try out luck with good weather. We visited cities Bastia, Calvi and Corte. From Corte we headed to valley Restonica, which you must see if you travel around Corsica. Our last visit was city Ajaccio, which if notable after birth of soldier and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte. We also travelled the so called Gr 20, climbed to nearest peaks (2300 m high peaks were pretty snowy) and visited some of the most beautiful canyons and nearest castles, which are plenty to find in Corsica.


Korzika 16.04. – 20.04.2014
You cannot keep a day, but you can spent it well