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Trekking Corsica



Corsica, also known as the “queen of the Mediterranean islands”, is located to the west of the Apennine Peninsula and is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is administratively part of continental France, although it is separated from it by the Ligurian Sea. The Corsica is divided into two departments: Corse-du-Sud, which is headquartered in Ajaccio and Haute-Corse with its seat in Bastia. In the western part of the island there is a national park (Parc Naturel Régional de Corse), which contains a number of rare plants and animals. The park was founded in 1972 and comprises the Porto Bay, the Scandola Nature Reserve, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and some island high mountains.


The GR20 (»Grand Randonnee 20«) is one of the most famous trails in the world. With its 180 km it extends from NW to SE of the island. At this time you overcome approximately 10.000 m of altitude difference. There are many climbs, also drops, and same lowland areas.

DATE: 01. 09. – 12. 09. 2020



Information about the trekking:

Day 1:

(Ljubljana – Livorno – Bastia – Calvi)

In the early morning hours we will start a pleasant journey towards Italian city Livorno, where we will embark on a local ferry. Ahead of us will be a peaceful sailing, where you could pleasantly relax and rest in deckchairs and enjoy a delicious Italian cappuccino. We will set sail to the famous old harbor of the second largest city of Corsica – Bastia. The path through the island, which would already impress us from the sea, will lead us to the city Calvi. We will spend the night in Camping Dolce Vita. Adventures wait for us on the next day.

Day 2:

(Calenzana – Refuge d’Ortu di u Piobbu)

After breakfast we will head from Calvi to Calenzana and continue along d’Ortu di u Piobbu. Although the path, which will lead us through the terraced valley, would be difficult because of its length and altitude difference (aprox. 1295m), the beautiful untouched nature and the view of the villages bellow us will totally impress us.



Day 3:

(Refuge d’Ortu di u Piobbu – Refuge de Carrozzu)

The path will start with lighter climb through the pine woods. Steeper climb would lead us via 1940m high Bocca di Pisciaghia. We will be going into the heart of the island, where the true nature of the GR20 will be reviled to us. We will walk up the steep rocky trails, which will, after some climbs and downs, take us to the refuge Carrozza. Looking back at the traveled path will be spectacular. The refuge is caught between the stone walls; its west side will fascinate us with a beautiful view of the valley and sun set. Overnight.



Day 4:

(Refuge de Carrozzu – Haut Asco)

We will continue our journey via 31m long bridge Le passerelle de Spassimata, where we could indulged the refreshment of the river Spassimata, which floats underneath. The path will, via the lake Lac de la Muvrella, which is located at an altitude of 1860m, lead us higher to the altitude of 2010m, where the view of the valley Asco will completely astonish us. This will be followed by the descent to the altitude of the 1422m, to the refuge Ascu Stagnu, where we will spend the night.



Day 5:

(Haut Asco – Bergeries du Ballone )

Our journey will continue at a well-known path named Cirque of Solitude, which starts at 2183m high Bocca Tumasginesci and ends at 2218m high Bocca Minuti. Climbing the Cirque of Solitude, which is steep but insured ravine of which approximately 200m of descent if insured by the chains, is for many the most beautiful part of the GR20. This will be followed by the overnight in the Bergeries du Ballone, which is located at the altitude of the 1440m.



Day 6:

(Bergeries du Ballone – Castel di Vergio)

After overnight at Bergeries du Ballone we will go through the forest and over a number of streams to the 1960m high Bocca Foggaile. We will then choose a short path to the valley called Valle de Golo, through which flows the river Golo, which is full of tempting natural pools. The path will lead us to the ski Castel de Vergio where we are going to spend the night.



Day 7:

(Castel di Vergio – Refuge de Magnanu)

From Castel de Vergio the path will lead us via beautiful but ecollogically very sensitive lake Lac de Nino, with so called »pozzines« – small pools filled with water connected by numerous of streams. It is located at the altitude of 1743m. There are wild horses grazing next to it. This will be followed by the tour to the pleasant refuge Manganu.



Day 8:

(Refuge de Manganu – Refuge de Pietra Piana)

From refuge Manganu we will continue along the path, which offers a great view at the lakes below. We will end the day at the small but nice refuge named Pietra Piana which has a beautiful view and is located at the altitude of 1842m. Along the path to the refuge Pietra Piana we will reach the highest point of the trail – 2225m where we will have a beautiful view of the whole island, all the way to the sea.



Day 9:

(Refuge de Pietra Piana – Refuge de L’Onda)

We will head from the refuge of Pietra Piana towards the refuge I’Onda, which is located on the altitude of 1430m. We will choose the path through the valley. This is going to be an easy day, without bigger climbs.



Day 10:

(Refuge de I’Onda – Vizzavona – Corte)

In Vizzavona we will catch the afternoon train which runs on the route Ajaccio – Bastia and set off towards the old university town Corte, which if famous by the well-known fortress Citadella, museum Musée de la Corte and church of the Annunciation. We will spend the night at the hotel or aparment.



Day 11:


Before leaving home, we have a free day in the city of Corte, which is intended for rest, shopping and sightseeing of the city.



Day 12:

(Corte – Bastia – Livorno – Ljubljana)

We will drive to the harbour of Bastia and head home.

The path will take us mainly along marked trails. Trekking is not particularly demanding, you need standard mountaineering equipment and good physical condition.

Price: 970€ (12 days)


Not included

Entire organization of the trekking Personal equipment
Transport to Corsica and back Drinks and food (for entire trekking)
Transports by train Views of payable sights
Transports by ferry Souvenirs
Parking Overnight in hotel Castel di Vergio
Overnight in camp Dolce Vita in Calvi  
Overnight in hotel in Corte  
Other overnights on trekking in tents  

Additional options:


  • city Ajaccio (surcharge for transportation)
  • natural window Troe de la Bombe (surcharge for transportation)
  • nature reserve of turtles – Park Cupulatta in the city Vero (surcharge for transportation and entrance fee)

Climb to the highest peak in Corsica – Monte Cinto (2710m)

Risk of cancellation insurance, insurance with international assistance abroad

Maximum 7 people can attend the trekking. Minimum number of people is 4. The course of the trekking will be adjusted to the request of the participants.

When applying, each participant will receive a route description and a list of necessary equipment.


Matej Jeram 041 479 274 or  info@jerpoh.com

Reservations are taken up to the end of July 2020 (reservation of ferry is needed)!

(When affirming the application, 400€ of advance is needed)

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