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Climb on Rodica 1966m

30. 12. 2012


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On Sunday the 30th of December, I drove to the village Rut and climbed on top of 1966m high Rodica.

Climb on Rodica 1966m

Bela Peč 3.11.2012

3. 11. 2012


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Bela_Pec_3.11 (3)

For some time now we have a bad weather, so on Saturday Tony and I took an advantage of a few moments of nice weather and went climbing on Bela Peč- 1583 meters high peak of Lomska valley. We climbed 100 meters long direction, named Katastrofula IV/III.

Podbrdo 20.10.2012

20. 10. 2012


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Srecanje_vodnikov_PZS_20.10 (1)

Well done, Marina! Each year we gather at other place. This year we have met in Podbrdo. At the beginning hosts offered us some catering and presented us their LTO. Later we headed to the top of Bača and then on Možic. After a few days of rain, the weather finally got better. From the more…

Podbrdo 20.10.2012

For quite a while I had a desire to get involved into climbing. That is why in Saturday I attended the start of climbing school that was conducted by the Mountaineering Section Cerkno. We gathered in Lutne skale and under guidance of Toni Groblar started the course.

Vis-Jof_Fuart_16.9 (1)

After a few rainy days we climbed on Viš / Jof Fuart. The path led us past the Rifugio Corsa hut, located on altitude 1874 m, to the top of the mountain. Most of the way there are steel cables by the path and often we had to use our hands to proceed. Since the more…

The climb on Viš/Jof Fuart 16.9.2012

What can I say? This year we went on a family trip to Switzerland. We talked about going there for quite a while and finally we decided to realize our plans. We were driving for a very long time. After crossing the border we were completely amazed by the beauty of the mountains.  We continued more…

Trip across Switzerland

On Friday we climbed on the highest peak of Austria, 3798 m high Grossglockner. We drove to Kalsi and passed the Studlhutte hut. We then climbed to Erzherzog-Johann-Huette hut, located at an altitude of 3454 m. Next morning we continued to the top, which was very crowded.  There were about 30 formations. It was quite more…

The climb on Grossglockner 30.6.2012
Krncica-junij-2012-001 (2)

Nataša and I climbed to 2142 m high Krnčica. It is a very interesting peak and according to the sign-in book also highly visited, despite the fact that it does not have marked paths. The path takes place mostly through meadows, except near the top of the mountain, where we find an interesting so-called mulatera more…

Climb to the Krnčica 24.6.2012

On Saturday we were supposed to climb to the Mangart, but since the road there was closed, Tomaž and I decided to go to Prisojnik by the so-called Kopiščarjeva route.  Early in the morning we drove to Vršič, where we left the car and continued on foot.  I was very surprised, since there wasn’t any more…

Climb to Prisojnik 16.6.2012

Accompanied by a family from Kras, we headed to Ratitovec. We climbed to its highest peak- the Altemaver (1678 m). I choose a well- marked, but little visited path. We started in a village called Zg. Danje and walked to a clearing called Sp. Jirn. We then passed the rocks with an unusual name Boserplote more…

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